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Welcome to AIAA
ALL INDIA ARTIST ASSOCIATION - AIAA is established with the purpose to promote Art and Culture of INDIA for this target we always in the process of making Seminars, debates, dance , drama and Sports events. AIAA which is working for the development of Singing, Dancing, Acting, Modelling, in India. So the youth can explore their hidden talent. AIAA is Established as A venture Of RAS MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT PRIVATE LIMITED.
Membership Benefits
Benefits of having Annual membership of AIAA

A). Amplify your voice with national wide Artist identity:-

1). Get your ARTIST CARD with us and score your identity as an artist. It not only gives you an identity as an Artist but it also protects your rights as an artist. The association act for the welfare of artists working in the industry. You must understand that having Artist card has nothing to do with you getting work. Getting work totally depends on the factors like your skills, requirements and many other things. Artist card is just for the welfare of an Artist.

2). Advocacy & Campaigns - AIAA is actively involved in a number of areas of advocacy to improve the working environment for artists and arts organizations. We regularly undertake active campaigns to bring about change or pioneer new policies for the sector and encourage input and participation from our members.

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