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About Us

ALL INDIA ARTIST ASSOCIATION - AIAA is established with the purpose to promote Art and Culture of INDIA for this target we always in the process of making Seminars, debates, dance , drama and Sports events. AIAA is working for the development of Singing, Dancing, Acting, Modelling, in India. So the youth can explore their hidden talent.

You can promote yourself or your company in AIAA, directory or website by advertising. A Product in the existing market is easy to sell well only if it is available . Connection or Networking in Film industry is very important, by developing regularly through AIAA, you keep getting quires from new clients and have new opportunities on your way to contact with people all over the world.

With having following aims and objectives:
• To nurture a feeling of fraternity and unity among its members and to regulate their professional relations with their employers;
• To promote and encourage high standards of professional conduct and integrity amongst its members and to enhance their skills by holding paid workshops at subsidized rates.
• To mediate in professional disputes between members and organizations, employers, etc. arising out of any breach or dispute of the terms of their contracts or agreements, with a view to settle them.
• To Endeavour to provide aid against sickness and injury, unemployment, infirmity, old age and death to its members.

To provide legal assistance or advice to members in respect of matters arising out of or incidental to, their employment including legal consultancy and other such support services.



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